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Things you should know!
All about Leptospirosis
Upcoming Community Events
Highlighted Employee- Baby Selah!
What you need to know!
  • IT’S A GIRL! Congratulations to Dr. Marlowe and her partner, Erik, on the birth of their first child! Selah Madison was born on Monday, May 2nd at 12:31am. She weighed in at 8lbs, 2oz and was 22 inches long! Find out more about Selah below!
  • We are glad to welcome Dr. Scarlett Springate to EAH! Dr. Springate will be filling for Dr. Marlowe while she is out on maternity leave. She’s a great addition to our team, so please help us welcome her!
  • Our new Pet Wellness Reports offer us insight into your pet’s health! Prior to your pet’s next preventative health visit, we will be emailing out the Pet Wellness Report. This report is designed to tell us a bit about life with your pet and give us a sneak peak of any warning signs or issues that may arise. Take a few moments, fill out the report, and then it is submitted back to our doctors and staff before your visit.
    Don’t have a routine visit scheduled but would like to see how your pet’s health stacks up? Please visithttps://petwellnessreport.com/ and go from there!
  • For the third year in a row, we were glad to be a sponsor of the Waggin’ Trails Dog Walk on April 16th! This year’s event benefitted the York County Humane Society, and was again a huge success. Thank you to the Comporium Pioneers for letting us be a part of this fun event again this year! We are so proud to be a member of this great community!
  • Does a trip to the vet stress out your pet? While we hope all of our patients enjoy seeing us as much as we enjoy seeing them, we understand when patients don’t think of our hospital as the site for their next big party. After all, many humans don’t love going to the doctor either, right?
    If you know your pet becomes agitated or stressed during annual visits, nail trims, grooming appointments, and more, please let us know ahead of time! In many circumstances, we are able to prescribe a light oral sedative for your pet that you can give an hour or so before your appointment, lessening your pet’s stress while taking the edge off! Our goal is always to provide outstanding care in a low-stress environment, and we want to ensure our patients and clients enjoy the visit too!
  • Does everyone remember Brody, our little patient who was the hands of awful abuse earlier this year? He is doing GREAT with his new family! He even recently visited an elementary school to visit with children and help teach them about appropriate care and treatment of animals. We are so glad to be able to see this little man grow!
The Leptospirosis Vaccine – Is it right for your dog?
Most of our clients know that EAH is not a veterinary hospital that believes that all vaccines are right for all patients. However, we feel it is vital to vaccinate against various diseases when there is sufficient risk and possible exposure.

Rabies, for example, is required in all domestic dogs and cats – not just by EAH, but is mandated by the State of South Carolina. Rabies is a zoonotic disease, meaning it can be passed from animal to human. Due to its zoonotic standing and the fact that rabies is a fatal disease, state law requires all pets be vaccinated to protect the human population.

Like rabies, Leptospirosis is a disease that is also zoonotic. This bacterial infection and disease isn’t talked about very much in our community, but is a growing health concern for both our canine patients and their human companions. While Leptospirosis is not considered a “core” vaccine by The American Veterinary Medical Association, vaccination is recommended if there is sufficient risk for a patient to become infected, as it is a rare put potentially fatal disease.

So let’s learn about Leptospirosis. Like rabies, it is a zoonotic disease. It is mostly found in wet environments, including marshy or muddy areas, areas with stagnant surface water, and areas frequented by wildlife. Infection can occur with a dog or human (children are at particular risk) comes into contact with infected water, soil, mud, while swimming, passing through, or drinking contaminated water, or from coming into contact with an infected animal. Lepto is most commonly spread by an infected animal via contaminated urine, thus making it likely to be present in many natural environments, especially where water is present.

If your pet was to contract leptospirosis, severe liver or kidney disease could be a result, even resulting in death. While not all dogs that are infected with lepto show symptoms, the ones that do require treatment. This usually involves hospitalization, fluid and antibiotic therapy, and supportive care.

So now that you have this information, consider whether vaccinating your dog against leptospirosis is a good idea for you and your family.

Here are some things to consider:
Does your dog:
– Spend time in nature – woods, parks, pastures – where wildlife may visit?
– Go hiking with you and your family?
– Swim in lakes or creeks where water may not always be moving?
– Drink from or splash in puddles of standing water?

If you are concerned your pet may be at risk, please give us a call. We are glad to discuss whether vaccination is the right choice for your pet.

If your pet has been seen at our hospital within a year, no appointment is necessary to be given the lepto vaccine. After the very first vaccine, a booster will be needed three weeks later. After that, the vaccine is only once a year.

Again, please give us a call and our experienced staff will gladly answer any questions you have about leptospirosis and whether vaccination is right for your pet and your family!

Upcoming EAH Community Projects and Events!
May – June 2016

Help us raise much needed supplies for the Humane Society of York County!

May 2rd – 8th was National “Be Kind to Animals” Week. To celebrate this, (something that should be done year round!) we are collecting donations for the York County Humane Society throughout the months of May & June.

A full list of supplies needed can be found here, and range from litter pans and blankets to toys and bowls. YCHS helped hundreds of animals find loving homes last year – the least we can do is help them in that purpose!

Coming soon – Date TBD!

4th Annual Charity Dog Wash!

We are excited to be hosting our 4th Annual Charity Dog Wash in coming months!

In the past this event has been a huge success, raising much needed funds for Project Safe Pet, a rescue group near and dear to the heart of those of us at EAH. We are excited to join forces with PSP once again for another great (but wet!) time!

Details to come, but keep this event on the top of your mind!

August 1st-31st!

Back to School donation drive!

The new school year is just around the corner… and some children in our area won’t have the supplies needed to get off on the right foot. Please bring new school supplies by our hospital during the month of August. Donations will go to the Rock Hill Children’s Attention Home
Need ideas to donate? Here is what they need most:

  • Combination locks
  • Travel drives
  • Heavy duty
  • backpacks
  • Lead pencils
  • Dividers
  • Black and blue pens
  • Graph paper
  • Drawing/Sketch pads
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
EAH Highlighted Staff Member – SELAH!
Meet the newest member of our EAH famiy- Selah Madison! Selah was born to Dr. Marlowe and her partner, Erik on May 2nd, 2016. She was 8lbs, 2ounces and 22 inches long.

So far, Selah enjoys sleeping, nursing, making her tired parents change a million diapers, and let them know when she’s displeased. She wants to grow up to be a veterinarian just like her mommy. Ok, maybe we made that up… but we can hope, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Congratuations again to Dr. Marlowe and Erik! Enjoy your beautiful little girl!


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