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“I looked online and Dr. Google said…..”

We hear it a LOT… “I was worried about my pet and looked online…” We know there’s a lot of information out there, and unfortunately a lot of it is not good information, written by non-veterinarians and people who are not qualified to give advice. “Should I take medical advice from someone other than my…

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The Brody Experience

The Brody Experience Dr. Jay Hreiz Ebenezer Animal Hospital A 6 week old puppy named Brody has won over the hearts of Americans and people around the world. Brody’s journey from an abandoned, abused puppy to the home of a loving, caring family is one that helps remind us that humanity often finds a way…

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The Perils of Parvovirus

Of all diseases your dog can contract, parvovirus (usually shortened to “parvo”) is perhaps one of the most serious and life-threatening conditions that can afflict unprotected puppies. Parvovirus is a common infectious disease that mainly affects puppies (it is very rare, but not impossible, for an adult to have parvo).  A puppy becomes infected from…

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A note from EAH regarding the Canine Influenza outbreak in the midwest

To our valued clients:The doctors at Ebenezer Animal Hospital have been in regular communication regarding the Canine Influenza Outbreak that has afflicted thousands of dogs in the Midwest. Please note that the strain of influenza that has infected these dogs is not the same strain that the current influenza vaccine is based upon. We still…

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Allergies in Dogs

As the colder temperatures of winter exit, spring will soon be upon us. Symphonies of bird songs will echo throughout backyards, flowers will emerge from a winter slumber, and trees will begin to bloom. Along with this awakening, millions of human residents in the Southeast will begin experiencing classic signs of allergies: watering eyes, congested…

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Heartworm prevention: A year round commitment in the southeast

Heartworm prevention: a year round commitment in the southeast During the cooler months of winter, the last thing on your mind as a pet owner is heartworm disease. We all know that our dogs rarely come in contact with mosquitoes in the winter. These pesky insects are the reason why our canine companions contract heartworm…

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Peanut the three-legged dog!

After EAH participated in the 2014 Rock Hill Christmasville Parade, some questions and concerns arose about our inclusion of a three legged (“tripod”) dog in the parade. We wanted to shed some light on the situation on why we think it was important for “Peanut” to be included – just like all the other dogs!…

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Holiday Hazards!

The holiday season is time for friends and family.  Many holiday gatherings are not complete unless our four legged companions are counted as well.  With new people and places, the chance for your pet to be exposed to a toxic substance also increases.  This short guide is to help inform you of some common household…

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Dogs – The most varied of any species on Earth

Dogs – The most varied of any species on Earth Did you catch the National Geographic episode on Canine Eugenics recently? It was a fascinating look at the amazing variety of dog breeds. Did you know 80% of the breeds today, from Chihuahuas to Mastiffs, were molded and developed by humans since the 19th Century?…

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When our pets wake up on the wrong side of the bed

Aches and pains – they are a part of life.  Almost every pet owner can relate to “waking up on the wrong side of the bed.”  A pulled muscle, aching joint, a bump on the leg, a pinched nerve…..these issues can ruin your day or make it much less enjoyable.  As we age, these problems…

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