December 2015 Newsletter

There’s always something new and interesting going on around Ebenezer. Here’s what’s new!
  • 2016 “Peace, Love, and Rescue” Calendars are now for sale! Many of our wonderful clients submitted photos of their own rescued pets, and we were happy to be able to include all submitted photos in our calendar! Calendars are $15 each, and 100% of proceeds go to Project Safe Pet (, a great animal rescue we work closely with.
  • Thank you for your amazing participation in our November Food Drive! Second Harvest Food Bank picked up our donations for pets and people right before Thanksgiving, and were again amazed at the support of our clients! So THANK YOU!
  • Our groomer, Sheila, will not be available from January 4th through (at least) February 8th. Sheila is having wrist surgery, and while we know all our wonderful clients will miss her, she needs time to recover and heal! When she returns her schedule will be initially limited until she can access her full capabilities over the month of February. Please be patient and plan ahead when scheduling grooming appointments!
    Our wonderful receptionist, Carla, doubles as a groomer in her “spare time” and will have limited grooming appointments available while Sheila is away. Please call to schedule an appointment with Carla!
  • We had an amazing time in this year’s Christmasville parade! This was our second year participating in the parade, and it is such a great time! Thank you all who came out and celebrated the season!
  • We will be closing early (at 12p) on Christmas Eve (December 24th) and New Years Eve (January 31st), and will be closed all day Christmas Day (December 25th) and New Years Day (January 1st).  As always, if you have an emergency with your pet, please contact Carolina Veterinary Specialists and Emergency at 704.504.9608.
    Happy Holidays! 

Tis the season!  Can you believe it? The holidays are upon us! Here are some great tips on keeping your pets safe during the holiday season from Dr. Hreiz’s blog

Food is a common hazard for pets around the holidays – yummy for us, but can cause problems for our furry family members. Think it sounds like a good idea to give them a “special treat” from the table? Think again! Foods that your pet isn’t used to, or foods that may be high in fat, sugar, or salt can cause medical conditions like pancreatitis (vomiting/diarrhea, and often requires hospitalization at our hospital). Also bear in mind that chocolate, onions, grapes, and several other foods can be toxic and should NEVER be fed to your pet. Having guests over? Please remind them that you do not wish for them to feed your pets!

-Pet Proof your tree! Decorating your home makes for a festive season, but have you considered that the tree and all that comes with it can make your pet sick? Make sure they don’t drink the tree water, as fertilizers used in the growing process can leach into the water and make your pet sick. Have pretty ribbon and tinsel on your tree? While it doesn’t look tasty to you, your kitties may disagree. The last think you want is for Christmas is an intestinal blockage! And make sure to keep the cords for lights out of reach, as inquisitive pets may decide to chew on them. Ouch!

– Plants and flower bouquets may make the table look pretty, but did you know mistletoe, holly, poinsettias, and lillies can cause major issues if ingested? Anything from vomiting and loose stool all the way up to liver and kidney failure. Keep the plants far out of reach!

– It’s getting chilly out there, and Antifreeze is a huge threat to our pets and wildlife! Keep it far, far out of reach, as the sweet flavor is very tempting to animals, but they don’t know that antifreeze is HIGHLY TOXIC and can cause severe liver and kidney failure, even death. Be safe and store it far away!!!

Upcoming EAH Community Events
December 6th

Rock Hill Christmasville Parade!

Nothing starts the holiday season quite like the Rock Hill Christmasville Parade, and this year’s parade was no exception! A great time was had by the EAH staff as we entered the parade for the second year. 

We hope everyone was able to make it out and enjoy an amazing evening of holiday festivities!

The Month of January

Winter Coat Drive

As winter sets in, we will be collecting winter coats at the hospital during the month of January. All coats will be donated to Renew Our Community (The Roc) for adults and kids in need in our community. 

New or used, all coats are appreciated! Also feel free to bring other warm clothing items (gloves, scarves, etc), and those will be donated as well. 

Thank you for supporting our community! Together we can make a difference in the lives of others. 

The Month of February!

Pet Dental Health Month!

February is pet dental health month, and to celebrate we are offering 10% off all dental cleanings and associated procedures! 

It’s SO important to keep your pet’s teeth clean, as bacteria that builds up in the mouth leeches into the bloodstream and can cause problems with internal organs. 

Not sure if your pet needs a dental cleaning? Give us a call! If so, do it now. Why not? – 10% off in February is the best time to have your pet’s dental care taken care of!

More details to come on Dental Month – so stay tuned!

EAH Highlighted Staff Member – Thomas!
Most of you have met Thomas, one of our technicians, in an exam room, or maybe he helped while your pet was in surgery. But how much do you know about him? Let us help fill you in! 🙂

Thomas moved to the United States from England with his family (parents and three brothers) when he was only six years old, and has been here ever since! He joined Team EAH in 2010 as a part time Camp Counselor while in school at Clemson University, and then came on full time as a tech after graduating with a degree in Animal Sciences in 2013. 

Thomas has two kitties, Roxie and Harvey, who keep him entertained while at home. His household is a kitty-loving type place, as he lives with his brother David and sister-in-law, Kerstin, who also have three cats (Iris, Butters, and Professor Chaos). 

When Thomas isn’t surrounding himself with animals, he really enjoys mountain biking, racquetball, reading, and playing video games!

Please make sure to say hello to Thomas next time you are in the hospital! 


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