“I looked online and Dr. Google said…..”

We hear it a LOT… “I was worried about my pet and looked online…”

We know there’s a lot of information out there, and unfortunately a lot of it is not good information, written by non-veterinarians and people who are not qualified to give advice.

  • “Should I take medical advice from someone other than my veterinarian?” We don’t recommend it. Only people who know your pet medically should be making medical recommendations.
  • “What about my breeder? They’ve been working with this breed for 20 years.” Unless they are also a licensed veterinarian, breeding requires no degree or other training. They may or may not have good information, so be sure to come to our veterinarians with your questions.
  • “The person at the pet store said…” While people employed by pet stores are often very nice and personable, they are trained to sell certain products that may or may not be applicable to your pet. Before accepting recommendations make sure to consult a trained medical professional.

Thankfully, our doctors and staff are there for you and your pets. There are also some very trustworthy sources of information out there aside from our doctors and trained staff. Here’s what we recommend:

  • www.veterinarypartner.com This site has great information on many topics, written and reviewed by veterinarians. The information on this site is written simply and clearly, so it can be a good jumping off point for information.
  • www.ebenezeranimalhospital.com/pet-health-info/pet-health/ On our very own website, we have a huge number of Pet Health articles that can provide great information about lots of health issues with dogs, cats, reptiles, rabbits, birds, and small mammals. From allergies in cats to zoonotic diseases, it’s all there.

As always, please call or visit if you have specific questions about your pet’s care. We are here for you.


Brooke, LVT

Ebenezer Animal Hospital

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