March 2015 Newsletter

What you need to know!
The more you know… well, the more you know!
  • Congratulations to Dr. Marlowe for finishing her acupuncture courses and passing her board exam! We are excited to offer this service for our patients in need!
  • Flea season is right around the corner… are you ready??? Comfortis (oral flea medication) is buy one get one free! Take advantage of this great deal while supplies last! These are amazing, veterinary approved, safe products!
  • March 20th is the first day of spring, and with spring comes spring allergies! Our pets can have allergy issues just like we can… get more information in Dr. Hreiz’s latest blog here!
  • April brings The Month of the Cat to EAH! This means 10% off on all preventative care services for your kitties! This includes vaccines, bloodwork, healthy exams, spay/neuter, and more. If you’ve been putting off bringing your cat in to see us, April is a great month to do it!
  • Check out your Pet’s Portal online! By logging in here on our website, you can access your pet’s medical records, set up reminders to give your pet’s medication, access appointment reminder information, and more! It’s easy to login- just enter the email address we have in our system (the one where you recieved this email) and you are nearly there!
  • Our Whole Health Plans continue to be a great plan for our clients who like to plan ahead for their pet’s health care! Did you know that in addition to paying monthly for these great plans, you can also pay in full for our WHPs and get $25 off the year? Ask our staff about this option if you are interested!
  • Does your furry family member stay at Camp Ebenezer while you are away? Between the excitement of being away from home and sometimes a change in food, some of our campers get upset belly from time to time. We are now offering administration of probiotics (think doggy and kitty yogurt) to help with “excitement belly” during their stay! As our Client Care Associates next time you visit!
Ideas to exercise your pet! Check out this video – Exercising Your Pet
Developing an exercise program for your dog and cat is important to their overall well being. Regular exercise builds strength and endurance while maintaining a healthy body weight. Additional benefits of exercise include fewer behavior and medical problems associated with inactivity.

Puppies and Dogs

Safety. Starting as early as possible, introduce your dog to a collar and leash. Some dogs will do better with a harness instead of a neck collar. Ask your veterinarian or trainer for the best choice for your dog. This early restraint training will ensure that your dog is safe and will be a joy to walk.

Walking/Running with your pet. Once your dog can be safely handled on a leash, begin with slow and steady walks two to three times a day. Gradually increase the walking distance until endurance is built. The distance will vary based on your dog’s age, health status and breed. Your veterinarian will help you establish guidelines for your dog.

Other Activities. Most dogs enjoy retrieving balls, ropes and Frisbees. Swimming and playing with other canine companions are also excellent forms of exercise.

Kittens and Cats

For our feline friends, choose activities that stimulate their natural predator-prey instincts. Try different forms of play with your cat to find out what she/he likes best. Aim for 10-15 minutes of activity, three to four times daily.

Fishing Pole toys are popular choices for many cats, as they readily promote play and jumping behaviors.

Look around the house. Often, the best toys for cats are those that are not found in the store: cardboard boxes, paper bags, and paper crumpled into a ball that can be batted around.

Strolls outside. If your cat enjoys walking outside, be sure they are fitted with a harness and leash for safety.

Let us help you develop a regular exercise program tailored to your pet’s needs. A consultation with a veterinarian prior to starting any exercise program is essential to ensure your pet doesn’t have any health conditions (e.g., arthritis) that need to be addressed first. The goal is to make the exercise program fun for everyone while ensuring your pet’s safety.
Upcoming EAH Community Projects and Events!
April 18th, 2015

Waggin’ Trail Dog Walk and Event! During Come See Me!

We had so much fun last year, we decided to sponsor this event again in 2015! Mark your calendars now to join us for the dog walk – only $5 to join and proceeds benefit 2nd Chance Rescue! There will be games, vendors, and a walk!

The event is from9am-12pm and is held at Tech Park in Rock Hill (across from York Tech). Check out event details here!

May, 2015

Help us raise much needed supplies for the Humane Society of York County!

May 3rd – 9th is National “Be Kind to Animals” Week. To celebrate this, (something that should be done year round!) we are collecting donations for the York County Humane Society throughout the month of May.

YCHS helped hundreds of animals find loving homes last year – the least we can do is help them in that purpose!

EAH Highlighted Staff Member – Dr. Jay Hreiz!
Dr. Hreiz is one of the co-owners of Ebenezer Animal Hospital and hasbeen a member of the EAH team since 2008!  He attended Penn State University for his college education and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2008.

Ever wonder why Dr. Hreiz has VMD after his name instead of the more “typical” DVM?  VMD stands for “Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris.” This is the exact same degree as DVM, or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, except the degree is in Latin instead of English.  If you ever see a veterinarian with VMD after his or her name, you can be sure that the individual is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine!

In his spare time Dr. Hreiz is an avid runner and has completed a handful of half marathons and five full marathons (so far!).  He is full of wanderlust and has traveled to many locations including Thailand, France, Portugal, England, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Mexico, Costa Rica, and many of the US National Parks. He also loves spending time with his rescued greyhound, Ella, and his kitty Dax!

Next time you are at EAH, make sure to say hi to Dr. Hreiz!

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