May 2014 Newsletter

The Ebenezer Animal Hospital Newsletter! May 27th, 2014
What’s new at EAH?!?
Upcoming Community Events
Highlighted Staff Member!
Eek!  It’s FLEA season!  What do I do?
The latest and greatest from EAH!  What’s new??
There are lots of exciting things going on at Ebenezer Animal Hospital, and we are so glad to have you with us!  Here’s the latest and greatest:

  • We revealed our new hospital logo last month (seen at left!).  Look for ourhospital signage to change soon!
  • EAH is now on Pintrest, Instagram (@ebenezeranimalhospital), Twitter (@ebenezerAH), and Facebook. Please find us, follow us, and share with your friends!
  • We are going to start monthly newsletters (this is your first!) with information that is relavant to you as a pet owner and a client of EAH!
  • Our fabulous doctors and hospital administrator have started blogging! Follow what they’ve got to say in our new blog, entiteled “The Tales of Fur, Feathers, and Scales” at  .
Upcoming EAH Community Events
Saturday- May 31st:
Charity Dogwash at EAH!

100% of proceeds from our charity dogwash will benefit Project Safe Pet’s spay/neuter program and the EAH Good Samaritan fund! Bring your dirty pooch out to EAH from 8am-3pm – and tell your friends!  A $10 donation per dog is suggested.

Saturday- July 19th:

EAH Blooddrive!

Please join us from 9am-12pm, when the Community Blood Center of the Carolinas will be bringing out their bloodmobile.  Donating blood saves lives, and we are so thankful to be able to host a drive to benefit our community!

What other events would you like to see hosted in the near future?  Email communityoutreach@ with suggestions!

EAH Highlighted Staff Member – Dr. April (Mafturak) Stephens!
EAH has always been a great place to work, where people from various backgrounds, experiences, and interests come to be a part of the Ebenezer family.  We are highlighting Dr. Stephens this month, as she and her new husband, Sam, are avid rock climbers!  A picture from after their wedding is entered into a contest, so they would love your help in winning!  Please vote (once daily per person!) by clicking the link below and pushing Dr. Stephens and Sam over the edge! ๐Ÿ™‚

Click here to vote for Dr. Stephens and Sam’s picture!


EEK!  It’s FLEA season!  What do I do about these critters?
As the weather grows warmer, those pesky fleas are starting to creep their way into our yards and homes.  Sure, they are annoying, but should I be concerned if my pet has fleas?

YES!  Not only can fleas cause itching, hair loss, and rashes, but they can also cause your pet to get internal parasites such as tapeworms if a flea is ingested by your pet (think about self-grooming), and even anemia (low blood cell count) if the fleas are severe.  Fleas are a true health hazard!

Luckily, fleas do not have to be a member of your family.  There are lots of great flea control options available at EAH that will help keep you and your pets safe. From monthly oral pills, to topicals and collars, let us help you find the best, safest option for your pet.  All of our products are guaranteed safe and effective by our doctors… AND Comfortis (monthly oral flea medication) is currently on SALE! Call us for details and pricing!


What's Next

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