November 2014 Newsletter

What’s new at EAH?
  • Our Whole Health Plans are well underway! Do you often wish that you could pay monthly for your pet’s preventative care? Well now you can! Give us a call, check out our website, or come by for more details on these discounted plans! This allows you to divide those expenses into manageable, monthly payments, so you can provide the care your pet needs.
  • Our Howl-o-ween costume contest was a huge success! Thank you to all of our wonderful clients who brought their pet’s by EAH the week of Halloween in costume to trick or treat! We posted their photos to Facebook, and the pet with the most “likes” won 6 months of flea prevention! Congrats to our little ladybug, “Pickle”, for winning the contest
  • Our new floors in the “behind the scenes” areas of the hospital have been installed! We still have to install the baseboards, but the EAH crew is so happy to have the floors themselves done and the mess subsiding! Thank you to all of our clients for your understanding during this process!
  • We are in the process of putting together a 2015 “Rescued patients of EAH” calendar! Proceeds will benefit Project Safe Pet, a rescue group in the area that we work closely with. Thank you to all who submitted photos for the calendar! These should be available by early December, so keep an eye out!


 Thanksgiving Treat Recipe!
Want your pets to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal, but don’t want to deal with the upset belly that will likely ensue? Here is a healthy, pet-safe holiday treat that they are sure to love:

Pumpkin Pie Cookies (for cats and dogs!) 2 cups rice flour 1/2 cup oatmeal 1 cup canned pumpkin 1 cup grated carrots 1/2 cup unsweetened plain applesauce 1/4 flour for rolling

• In a food processor blend carrots, applesauce and pumpkin until smooth. • Mix rice flour and oatmeal in a bowl. • Add wet ingredients to the dry and mix gently until dough forms. • On a floured breadboard place dough and roll out to about 1/4 inch in thickness. • Use cookie cutter to cut out little cookies. • Place cookies on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for seven minutes. • Flip treats over and cook for five more minutes. Remove from oven and cool thoroughly.


You know our doctors see dogs and cats… but what about your other family pets?
We know many of you have been there… your child really wants a hamster; you adopt a rabbit from the shelter; your roommate acquires a cockatiel; your boyfriend brought home an inguana. Now what?

The animals listed above, plus many more, fall into the “exotics” category of pets! Many people find themselves with an exotic pet at one point or another through their life, and it’s not always clear how to properly care for that animal. Sure, the people at the pet store pointed you to the food isle, but did they tell you that the bird food you picked out isn’t complete nutrition for your new feathered pet? Or that your rabbit needs large quantities of hay in addition to pellets and small supplies of fresh veggies.

If you didn’t get this information, you aren’t alone. All too often we see exotic patients whose owners aren’t sure of appropriate husbandry or feeding guidlines. And the tricky part is that these delicate pets often have been sick quite some time before people realize there is a problem.

Our doctors would love to discuss care and nutrition with you for ANY of your pets. In the meantime, check out the Exotics Husbandry information on our website for tips on some of your especially delicate pets.

Upcoming EAH Community Events
Month of November

Human and Pet Food Drive

We have so much to be thankful for, and we hope you do too. This November, we are gathering donations for needy families and animals in our area, with donations going to the Second Harvest Food Bank. Non-perishable food donations for both people and animals will be accepted all month. Please consider coming by and making a donation to help support animals in our area.

December 5th

Rock Hill Christmasville Parade!

Nothing starts the holiday season quite like the Rock Hill Christmasville Parade! We are excited to have an entry in this years parade and further our interaction with our community! Bring your family out to this evening parade and enjoy the lights!


January, 2015

Happy New Year!

We are still working on our 2015 Community Events… details to come!


EAH Highlighted Staff Member – Sherry!
Sherry is one of our Camp Counselors who cares for your pets while they are staying at our Camp Ebenezer!  She has been a member of the EAH family for two years we are so glad to have her!  Sherry is very attentive and is wonderful about alerting the medical staff of any concerns with her campers.

Like much of our staff, Sherry is a proud Rock Hill native!  In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family- particurally her grandchildren!

Please take a moment to say hello to Sherry next time you are in the hospital!

What's Next

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    Call us or schedule an appointment online!

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    Meet with a doctor for an initial exam.

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    Put a plan together for your pet.