Request a reservation for your pet at Camp Ebenezer by filling out the form below.

Please make a reservation for any time your pets will be our guest. It is recommended that you make a reservation atleast month in advance for the major holidays, New Year’s Day, Easter/Passover, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Chanukah to ensure space is available.

Check in is any point during the day of check in, and check out is no later than 11a the morning you will be picking up. Please note that if your pet is being groomed, you may be picked up by 4pm without an additional days boarding charge.

If you have used another facility for your pet’s health care, please bring all records or receipts with you when checking in. If we are unable to verify that our required vaccinations have been given, we will administer them at your expense.

Please note that your reservation is confirmed under your last name once we have contacted you back using the route you specify below.

Once you have requested an reservation, please fill out our boarding registration form at to save you time when you drop off!

Boarding request form

  • We will need to contact you to confirm the availability of your requested dates. What is the best way to contact you?
  • What date do you plan to bring your pet to stay with us?
  • What date do you plan on picking your pet up?
  • Does your pet need any other services while they are staying with us? Ex: Grooming, examination, vaccines, etc. Please outline below.
  • Want to save time when you drop off your pet? Please fill out the boarding registration form at the site below: