COVID-19 Updates

Most recently updated: 6/14/2021

To our Valued Clients,

The health and well-being of your pet is our top priority. As news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community continues to develop, we are monitoring the situation closely. It is our desire to use this site to keep you up to date with any changes happening in our hospital.

Our hospital and doctors are currently working normal hours, as follows: 

  • Monday-Wednesday: 7:30a-9p
  • Thursday – Friday: 7:30a-6p
  • Saturday: 7:30a-4p
  • Sunday: 5p-6p (for drop off and pick up only)

Is my pet at risk to contract COVID-19?
While the CDC and other health authorities have indicated that dogs, cats, and other domestic animals are not considered at risk for contracting COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of humans within our facilities— notably our clients and staff. Keeping our practice “hospital-clean” has always been a priority for us, and we continue to do so. Additionally, for the safety of our team and your family, we are monitoring CDC recommendations and will continue to increase our attention to cleaning frequency and methods accordingly.

I don’t feel well. Should I bring my pet to the vet?
If you are feeling ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms and have an upcoming appointment, we kindly ask that you call us to reschedule.  If your pet requires urgent care or has a medical emergency, and you are ill, please arrange for a trusted friend, neighbor, or healthy family member to transport your pet to our hospital. If you call ahead, we will gladly accommodate your representative and make appropriate arrangements.

About your pet’s visit: 

– For scheduled doctor’s appointments, you may either remain curbside, or one masked adult may come into an exam room for the appointment.

However, our lobby is currently closed.  When you arrive, please call or text us at 803.366.1950.

If you’d like to remain curbside: We will discuss via phone how your pet has been doing and address any concerns you may have. We will then come to retrieve your pet from your car and ask that you remain in your car in our parking lot. Our team will help our doctor with the physical exam, any necessary labwork, and so on. Our veterinarian will then call you to discuss the exam with you and address any additional concerns. Our team will then get payment over the phone from you, and we will return your pet to your vehicle.

If you (one masked adult) would like to accompany your pet into the hospital: We will ask you and your pet to meet us outside the front door, where one of our team members will escort you inside, take your temperature with a thermal scanner, ask you to apply hand sanitizer, before showing you to an exam room. Our technician or assistant will then discuss with you how your pet has been doing and discuss any concerns you may have, all while providing love and snacks to your pet (if appropriate). Our team member will then take your pet back to our treatment area for any sample collection, tests, and the doctor’s exam. Afterwards, the doctor will bring your pet back into the exam room with you and discuss the exam and any recommendations at that time. Once the appointment is complete, a team member will get you checked out and then lead you back outside.

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this tricky world while still providing excellent care for your pets. As always, feel free to ask questions any time!

– Other visits (day admissions, groomings, technician visits, surgery/dental drop offs, medication pickups, and work-ins) will remain curbside until further notice. 
Upon arrival at the hospital, please call or text us at 803-366-1950 to alert us.  A client care associate will check your pet in over the phone, obtain necessary history, and discuss what services your pet needs at our hospital.  A team member will greet your pet at your car or under our tent outside the front door.  Dogs will be double leashed with a nylon lead that will be disinfected prior to retrieval and cats or exotic animals must be placed in a carrier to transport.  If your pet is seeing a doctor for a work-in visit, he or she will perform a thorough exam in the treatment area and then contact you via phone regarding their findings and recommendations.  Upon completion of the visit, we will check you out over the phone and prefer credit card over cash, if possible.

If your pet is taking a daily medication
We encourage you to please consider refilling more than a month’s worth to ensure continuity of care.  Our online pharmacy is also an excellent resource to use for medication refills:

My pet is scheduled to be spayed/neutered/or have a routine dental cleaning. Is this still ok?
As personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, etc) have become more readily available, we are able to perform all routine surgical and dental procedures.

Telemedicine is available with our EAH doctors – stay at home and get your pet care.
While it is not applicable for all scenerios, we have implemented Telemedicine service for our current clients.  As long has one of our doctors has physically examined your pet within the last year, we can provide services by telemedicine rather than an in person visit.  This can be used for non life-threatening conditions such as itchy skin, mild ear infections, and mild lameness or limping.  Please visit Receive Pet Care from Home via Telemedicine for more information.

Does your pet need emergency care?
If your pet requires urgent care or has a medical emergency, the following critical care practice(s) will be assisting our patients:

Carolina Veterinary Specialists Rock Hill:  803-909-8300
760 Addison Ave., Rock Hill, SC 29730


Charlotte Animal Referral and Emergency (CARE):  704-457-2300
3726 Latrobe Dr, Charlotte, NC 28211

More COVID-19 information:
For more information and health guidance regarding COVID-19, please visit the CDC or WHO websites. For additional questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 803-366-1950.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon.

Your pet healthcare partners at Ebenezer Animal Hospital

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