At Ebenezer Animal Hospital, we are all pet parents.
We understand the bond that is formed when a pet enters your life.
We understand the unconditional love that they can provide.
We understand that when you bring your companion to us,
you are entrusting us with a member of your family.

And we feel the same way.

Pets are our purpose.

Our priority is to help you enjoy as many happy,
healthy years as possible with them by your side.
Everything we do and everything we recommend is to fulfill that purpose…
Pets may not be our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

The Mission Statement of Ebenezer Animal Hospital

The mission of Ebenezer Animal Hospital is to provide exceptional veterinary care to our patients and their owners. We recognize that every human-animal bond is unique and strive to ensure that we maintain that bond in every interaction inside and outside of the hospital. Our goal is to welcome our clients and patients into a family of caring, compassionate, and innovative health care professionals.

ebenezer animal hospital building