Ebenezer Animal Hospital provides up-to-date care for your companion animals, from dogs and cats to birds, rabbits, exotics, pocket pets, ferrets, and reptiles! Pet owners generally look upon their pets as members of the family. We do too, which is why we say and truly believe that pets are our purpose. We understand that when you bring your companion to us, you are entrusting us with a member of your family. With that in mind, we apply our high standards to every aspect of our hospital, from the experience and training of our professional and support staff, to our modern facility and equipment.

Ebenezer Animal Hospital provides the following services:

  • Regular Health Exams: Regular medical exams are vital when it comes to early detection of medical problems. Our doctors know that early detection and treatment will both benefit both our patients and our clients.
  • Vaccinations: Vaccination is one of the most effective ways of protecting your pet’s health against many common and deadly diseases. Our doctors very carefully screen each patient prior to vaccination, and after a discussion with you, we will help you determine what vaccines are best for your pet at various life stages. We feel strongly that not all pets need all vaccines every year, and thus have adjusted our vaccine protocols to follow the new research in veterinary medicine.
  • Puppy and Kitten Plans: Let’s get your new puppy or kitten off to the right start!  Ask our team members about our plans – which includes routine vaccines, deworming, heartworm prevention, spay/neuter, and more!
  • Whole Health Plans:  Our Whole Health Plans offer a discounted rate on preventative healthcare your pet needs throughout the year.  We partner with you to offer a plan that maintains and improves your pet’s health with full examinations, vaccinations, disease screening, parasite prevention, dental care, and more.  With the cost conveniently divided over 12 predictable monthly payments, you can now focus on providing your pet with the care they need instead of worrying about the cost involved. 
  • Sick patient care: Whether we like it or not, sometimes our beloved furry family members feel under the weather. Our veterinarians will assess your pet and discuss treatment options with you. These may include medication, labwork, radiographs, hospitalization, or even referral to a local specialty veterinary hospital for intense care. We will always discuss options with you to determine what is best for both you and your pet.
  • Dental Care: It is just as important to take care of your pet’s teeth as it is your own. Our specialized services include dental xrays, cleaning, polishing, tooth extraction and oral surgery.
  • Surgery: Ranging from routine procedures such as spays and neuters, to more advanced soft-tissue surgeries, ophthalmic surgeries, and in-hospital orthopedic procedures, our veterinarians have a wide range of comfort in the surgical suite.
  • Laser Therapy for pain relief and healing: Laser therapy uses high energy light to penetrate deep into tissue and accelerate cellular reproduction and growth. This process helps to speed healing, decrease inflammation, increase endorphins and provide relief from pain. The therapy stimulates the body to heal from within without the use of drugs or sedation and can be a great asset to many pets. Talk to our veterinarians about whether laser therapy could benefit your pet!
  • Dietary Planning: A sound diet is vital to the health of your pet at every age level. Let us help with your pet’s diet by discussing the dietary requirements essential for proper weight maintenance, performance and growth and as an aid in the treatment of disease.
  • Behavioral counseling: There are times when you need advice on training and behavior issues your pet may be experiencing. Our doctors feel confident in providing you with the education, products, and medication you need to keep the relationship with your pet healthy and strong.
  • Geriatric Care: As we all know pets age much faster than humans. A dog or cat 8 years or older is considered a senior pet and requires a different level of care than their younger counterparts. It’s important to talk to your veterinarian about creating a wellness program designed to fit your pet’s needs.
  • Boarding and Grooming: We offer boarding and grooming for all of our patients – from dogs and cats to reptiles, birds, exotics, pocket pets, and rabbits. Our staff will provide TLC for your pets while you are away, while also providing the reassurance that a doctor is close by. Please contact our Client Care Associates at 803.366.1950 to learn more about leaving your pets at Camp Ebenezer while you are away.
  • Emergency Services: Ebenezer Animal Hospital understands that sometimes emergencies happen. If during our normal business hours, we are always glad to see emergencies, and those patients in critical condition will always be given priority care in our hospital. If able, please call ahead and let us know you are on your way so that we can have a staff member waiting for you and your pet. If an emergency happens after hours, we strongly recommend you visit Carolina Veterinary Specialists and Animal Emergency (2225 Township Road / Charlotte, NC 28273 – ph 704.504.9608), as they are available with a trained team of emergency veterinarians and support staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our normal office hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – 7:30am-9pm
Friday – 7:30am – 6pm
Saturdays – 7:30am – 4pm
Sundays – 5p-6pm for Drop off and pick up only