Whole Health Plans

Would monthly payment plans help you plan financially
for your pet’s care?

For most people, the answer is YES.

We’ve got plans for puppies and dogs and kittens and cats,
starting at only $40/month!

We at Ebenezer Animal Hospital are proud to now offer WHOLE HEALTH PETLY PLANS for our canine and feline patients! Our Whole Health Plans offer a discounted rate on preventative healthcare your pet needs throughout the year, starting from a puppy or kitten and into your pet’s older age!  We partner with you to offer a plan that maintains and improves your pet’s health with full examinations, vaccinations, disease screening, parasite prevention, dental care, and more. With the cost conveniently divided over 12 predictable monthly payments, you can now focus on providing your pet with the care they need instead of worrying about the cost involved. 

 At Ebenezer Animal Hospital, pets are our purpose!  A part of fulfilling that purpose is providing each patient with the best preventative care available.  We truly believe that practicing proactive veterinary care gives your pet the best chance at a long, healthy life by your side. We offer two Whole Health Petly Plans for both adults and puppies/kittens so that the best fit can be selected for you and your pet. The service guides below outlines what is offered (shown by a *) for each of our Gold and Platinum Whole Health Plans.

Plans for Adult Dogs & Cats

Plans for Puppies and Kittens
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* Monthly payments with base plan are as indicated. Additional products and services may be added into plan if so desired by the pet owner. Prices will vary and will be discussed prior to add-in.
** Additional Discount applies to products and services, including but not limited to: medical services, medications, parasite control, hospitalization, and medical merchandise. Additional discount does not apply to grooming, boarding, or products in our Retail Room.