There are a ton of great CE opportunities out there for free. Here are some great options when you find yourselves with questions about a particular topic, would love more information, or with downtime. If you know of any sites you would like added, please let Brooke know!

It’s as simple as reading Veterinary Practice News, Veterinary Team Brief, Firstline, Today’s Veterinary Practice, DVM360, Clinician’s Brief, etc in the breakroom instead of playing on your phone while you drink coffee.

Continuing Education Conferences: Our employers are great and offer us the opportunity to go to CE – most hospital owners are not as generous. So please take advantage!
Check out CEs and Conferences here:

Purdue School of Vet Med  – Amazing CE courses available online through Purdue. You don’t have to go anywhere to fill your brain! – The magazine has great online resources!

Today’s Veterinary Technician – free magazine (print and/or digital) available for techs and assistants.

Idexx Learning Center – Lots of options to explore pancreatitis, heart disease, dental disease, urinalyses, parvo, fecals, etc etc etc. Register for your own account on the right side of the page to be able to participate in courses. It’s a quick and easy sign up.

On the Floor @Dove – A great resource for all members of the veterinary team. Tons of informative how-tos – from providing great customer service skills, to how to lift a dog safely, to anesthesia machine basics, transfusion medicine, and more. Login under [email protected] with password eah244529732

Veterinary Team Brief Online – offers great articles and information on relevant information. – We direct many owners to this site, and print off articles for them all the time. But this great information could benefit you as well, and teach you more about conditions we see daily. Articles are written for “real people” and are easy to read.

VetMedTeam has free CE courses you can take on a ton of subjects!  Check out for zoonotic discussions!

Dental radiography tips – The bisecting angle technique has helped me limit repeated radiographs the last couple of times I’ve done dental rads. Take a few minutes and go over these websites that explain this technique and why it works: Radiology techniques and Veterinary Dentistry Radiography

Radiography sites –  and

Center for Disease Control (CDC) website – has great info on many fronts. The zoonotic disease area is especially interesting in our field – and . Also . Lots more good info- check it out!

Anesthetic Problems and Emergencies – Great link to things that can and could go wrong in every procedure, and the knowledge of how to respond appropriately.

Cat Skin Issues – neat pictures and basic descriptions!-