This is a GREAT place!!! All of our furry family members are patients here for both routine preventative care and emergency situations. We have had urinary tract issues, back issues, cysts, dysplasia, hip displacements, knee issues/surgeries and the list could go on. I won’t go into detail about everything but we have some serious issues and I know that when we bring our furry babies here they are getting the best care possible. Our previous vet wanted to “put down” our German Shepherd puppy because of a skin condition that was costing us a fortune. Finally, we decided to bring her to Ebenezer for a second opinion and found that she had an infection in her female organs and only needed to be spayed. After the surgery, she didn’t have the stress on her body and her skin cleared up (just like the doctor here at Ebenezer said it would). That was 13 years ago and we haven’t been to a different vet since. Last year, the littlest of my furry babies had a dislocated hip (just days before we were leaving for vacation). I let her stay at the hospital under the care of Dr. Lawrence. He called (yes, I said HE called) several times that week to give me updates on how she was doing. She could not have possibly been in better hands. I am not one to board my furry babies but I did it again this year when we went on vacation simply because she does not travel well and is very nervous and uncomfortable away from home. I knew that she would be taken care of while we were gone. I have seen some changes in staff over the years but the one thing that has never changed has been the quality of care. I appreciate them very much!!! Not just how they treat my furry babies but also how they treat me!!